4 Rules for Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Home renovations can be a tough journey to navigate. Between finding a company you can trust and trying to stick to a budget; it can seem like an overwhelming feat. There is a silver lining. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! There are 4 simple rules to follow that will ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck in your next flooring project. Whether it’s a entire home renovation or simply updating your bathroom tiles, stick to this tried and true advice and leave the hassle behind.

1) Find a company that offers free estimates.
If you’re shopping around for the right look and feel for your flooring project, don’t get duped into paying an installation company to quote your flooring needs. Lifetime Flooring offers FREE Estimates! We will send one of our highly trained flooring experts to your home, where they bring the Lifetime Flooring showroom to YOU. Samples in hand and expert knowledge, they will take exact measurements, assess your flooring needs for your unique project and offer a written and guaranteed estimate.

2) Avoid an estimate DUPE!
We have all heard the home project horror stories of the ESTIMATE DUPE!! A contractor quotes one price, but halfway through the project they start tacking on unexpected costs! Blaming unforeseen installation issues or claiming a need for more materials. When this happens it is because the flooring company you trusted with your project didn’t take the time to fully assess your home and unique project needs. At Lifetime Flooring, our highly trained flooring experts will never rush our customized in-home estimates. We want to get it right the first time and we take every scenario into inconsideration. Our FREE in-home estimates are written agreements between the company and YOU; Guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

3) Don’t “Play Contractor”!
When tackling a home renovation project, there is a reason why Lifetime Flooring is the obvious choice. We are a full service flooring company with expert and trustworthy resources on our side. We handle every step in the project from start to finish. Once a product and service has been selected, our team will coordinate an installation time that works for you and your family. These services includes: removal and installation, pick-up and drop-off of product, moving heavy furniture etc.. We are the primary point of contact for every evolution in your flooring renovation project; Ensuring your total satisfaction and a hassle free process.

In any flooring project, removal and installation of floors can be quite messy. Lifetime Flooring utilizes a virtual dustless service when it comes to the removal of any tile or glued down wood product, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction through the entire process. Gone are the days of sweeping and vacuuming and dusting for days after a new floor install! Its easy to see the added value in a home project being trusted to Lifetime Flooring. We’ll take care of you.

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