Jacksonville homeowners aim higher — seeking flooring that’s as durable as it is eye-catching for spaces spanning master suites to laundry rooms. Local designers also confirm homeowners demonstrate growing interest integrating floors seamlessly throughout open concept main living zones.

Based on insights from national industry experts paired with observations of local requests, we forecast these five flooring varieties and styles elevating Jacksonville interiors over the next three years and beyond:

Wide-Width Wood Planks

Hardwood floors never cease wowing Jacksonville homeowners thanks to unparalleled natural beauty and value potential. While standard 2 1⁄4” to 3” oak and hickory plank floors maintain beloved status, widening width preferences emerge across local luxuryhome tours. Expect wider 4” to 7” European white oak and American walnut planks to increase in 2023-2025 installations.

Wider solid wood planks project a dramatic, expansive look while retaining cozy warmth. Favored for entryways, kitchens, dining rooms and master suites, these floors better handle pets and kids with more stable boards to sand and refinish over decades. Premier mills now pre-finish extra-width boards for quicker installation. While costs exceed traditional strip floors, the boost in room presence offers irresistible and enduring allure.

Mixed-Width Engineered Wood

While solid woods capture classic American home beauty, stability-enhanced engineered wood floors gain traction as more Jacksonville homeowners discover their near-identical durability and easier installation benefitting remodeling projects or concrete-based new builds. Precision-milled veneers bond to plywood cores to minimize shrinkage, gaps and moisture damage in Florida humidity and seasonal temperature swings.

Mixed-width engineered products from European mills like Wickes LTD simulate centuries-old reclaimed floors with incredible realism. Combining 4”, 5”, 7” and 8” planks crafted from oak, walnut and exotic species proves a fresh alternative to conventional uniform-width boards. Unique knots, grain patterns, scrapes and color variations ensure no two planks seem identical for high-end appeal. Dent-resistant finishes better withstand pets and kids. Though costs exceed budget picks, Wickes-caliber flooring updates Jacksonville living spaces with unprecedented old-world charm.

Oversize Tile

Tile retains topped ranked status among Jacksonville homeowners thanks to exceptional durability and style diversity. As large-format porcelain, ceramic and composite floor tiles gain traction nationwide, expect oversize tile to star in local renovations with 12” x 24”, 16” x 32” and larger rectangular planks plus expansive square formats.

Tile makers now produce thin versions of outsize tiles more suitable for DIY-friendly mortar-less floating installation. Expect porcelain tile replicating stone, wood and concrete to lead the surge beyond small mosaics, subway and hexagon profiles. Dramatically scaled tile creates seamless, sleek floors evoking spa-like contemporary spaces. Combining neutral toned large tiles with sparkling metal, glass or intricate accent tiles keeps things interesting. prices run the gamut on oversize tile allowing most buyers reasonably priced options meeting aesthetic and durability expectations in heavy traffic zones.

Semi-Custom Designer Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile keeps converting former laminate buyers seeking lavish looks with supreme stain, scratch and moisture resistance. As vinyl quality and inkjet printing continue improving, Jacksonville designers predict significant gains for artfully designed, customized vinyl floors instead of stock warehouse patterns. expect an uptick in homeowners requesting vinyl tiles exhibiting proprietary characteristics like dimensional texture, bold colors, and abstract shapes.

New technologies allow melting distinct vinyl composites together during production to generate painterly color blends, 3D embossed finishes and even simulated hand-cut edges. Customization now extends beyond selecting colors to include specifying wear layers, surface treatments, tapered edges and gloss levels. Teamed with milled wood veneers as border inlays or complete wall-to-wall, bespoke vinyl tiles craft truly one-of-a-kind floors meriting their luxury-class reputation.

Sustainably Sourced Bamboo

Remarkably renewable, bamboo builds on its eco-friendly beginnings by converting more Jacksonville homeowners seeking natural floors not derived from slower growing domestic and exotic forests. Technological advances create strand-woven, vertical and horizontal bamboo planks with exceptional hardness, stability and durability now certified free from harmful adhesives. Expect more local installations featuring formaldehyde-free bamboo flooring made sustainably without toxic chemicals harmful to indoor air quality.

New carbonized thermal treatment methods also enable deeper bamboo coloration previously requiring perms and stains scratching easily. Dark carbonized floors exhibit dynamic graining that better hides pet fur and kids’ debris. For beach homes and relaxed spaces, lightweight bamboo in carbonized or natural blonde tones brings breezy style that’s gentler on feet than wood or porcelain tile. With moso bamboo maturing for harvesting far quicker than oak and maple, Jacksonville homeowners can expect ethically sourced bamboo gaining a bigger local footprint yearly

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