After three decades flooring Jacksonville households, Lifetime Flooring has perfected a streamlined process allowing homeowners to manifest plush carpet, sleek hardwood, elegant tile and more with ease.

Step 1: Source Design Inspiration

The first step when envisioning new floors is gathering ideas that spark excitement. Search the flooring photo galleries on the Lifetime Flooring site along with sites like Pinterest to note styles that catch your eye. Whether you gravitate towards rustic, modern, industrial or traditional looks – save visual references to inform your custom design. 

Step 2: Schedule Free In-Home Consultation

Once initial ideas are formed, reach out to Lifetime Flooring online or call (904) 302-5745 to book your complimentary at home meeting. An expert designer will visit your space taking measurements and discussing which materials can work best by room based on lifestyle needs and budget. 

Step 3: Review Floor Plans & Materials

After consulting ideas and space requirements, Lifetime’s designer will craft a customized floor plan outlining specifications by room showcasing styles and exact materials selected. This allows you to see finished vision before purchasing materials or starting a project.

Step 4: Precision Design & Installation

Lifetime Flooring takes over from here – acquiring all needed materials then performing professional floor preparation before precisely cutting and installing new floors room by room with meticulous care and technique.

Step 5: Enjoy Dream Floors!

With the flooring experts at Lifetime Flooring handling everything from design ideation to material procurement to custom installation – soon you’ll be enjoying stunning new floors that genuinely reflect your unique style and bring your home to life for decades to come. 

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