Transforming your home with new flooring can significantly enhance your living space’s aesthetic, durability, and value. Choosing the right flooring company is crucial for ensuring a smooth process and spectacular final results. This comprehensive guide outlines 11 key tips for selecting a top-notch flooring partner using Lifetime Flooring as a premier example of excellence.

1. Research Reputations Thoroughly

The first step when evaluating flooring companies should always be thoroughly checking their reputations. A company’s track record over many years, reviews from past clients, testimonials on their website, and overall ratings on third-party review sites will give you valuable insights into their reliability, expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

A long-standing excellent reputation like Lifetime Flooring’s reflects the ability to consistently deliver high-quality flooring services and enduring client relationships over decades in business. Avoid risking your important home project on companies with lackluster or questionable reviews. You want a team you can trust completely from start to finish, so reputational signals help qualify the best options worth pursuing further.

Dig deeper into customer commentary when researching companies – don’t just glance at overall ratings. Look for in-depth descriptions praising specifics like the quality of materials used, timeliness, attention to preparation, installation care, cleanup process, follow-through on issues, communication clarity, and more. This color from people’s firsthand experiences will help you determine if a company truly lives up to stellar service standards, like how Lifetime Flooring’s glowing reviews effuse over their meticulous approach, beautiful finished results, and pleasant hassle-free process.

2. Seek Extensive Flooring Knowledge

An elite flooring company employs teams featuring specialized expertise across the myriad flooring materials and options on the market. You want consultants equipped to provide tailored recommendations based on a nuanced understanding of the different pros and cons of hardwood, laminate wood, engineered wood, vinyl plank, ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, resilient vinyl sheets and tiles, linoleum, cork, bamboo, carpet and more.

Whether your preference leans toward classic oak hardwood for timeless warmth, sumptuous wool carpeting for soft luxury, glossy porcelain for contemporary sleekness, or sustainable cork for an eco-friendly look, a flooring firm like Lifetime will have specialized in-house teams to suit your exact needs. With mastery across styles old and new, they bring the depth of knowledge to not just meet but exceed expectations tailored to your home’s unique requirements for both function and aesthetic vision.

Be wary of companies claiming expertise across flooring categories yet lacking proof of extensive relevant experience. For your major home investment, skill and craftsmanship matter immensely, as does having depth of inventory across tiered price points and quality grades you can see and touch firsthand before purchasing. A reliable firm like Lifetime will be completely transparent about their capabilities as well as limitations, steering you clearly toward the ideal solutions they are best equipped to flawlessly fulfill based on your budget and goals.

3. Demand Top-Notch Craftsmanship

Once you vet a shortlist of reputable companies known for their expertise, it’s time to take a closer look and discern where each one falls on the craftsmanship spectrum. Keep in mind – you don’t want to merely settle for satisfactory or mediocre work. For resurfacing floors that will be part of your daily life for years to come, it’s worth spending the time finding a provider capable of extraordinary artistry and care.

The hallmarks of a craftsman include precision, consistency, attention to quality control and meticulous detailing that makes each customer feel they are the sole focus. Every Lifetime Flooring project embodies this passion.

From start to finish, expect white glove care spanning:

  • Comprehensive site evaluations, measurements and planning
  • Thorough existing floor prep and clearance
  • Prudent material recommendations factoring aesthetics, performance and budget
  • Custom fabrication for flawless fitting and seamless look
  • Careful acclimation of new materials pre-install per specifications
  • Expert installation teams highly trained for excellence
  • Multi-step quality audits throughout process
  • Specialized tools and techniques for intricate final touches
  • Diligent clean up leaving home spotless post-job

The final results should showcase next-level quality conveying pride in the work – Beautiful floors transformed into a cohesive living space design element. Superior craftsmanship standards become apparent when attention shows in subtle details setting ordinary work apart from extraordinary mastery. Visit showrooms, inspect sample work, ask for references and pictures from past clients if possible. Discerning craftsmanship levels takes research but pays dividends in the artistry and durability of your new floors.

4. Expect Comprehensive Services

Consolidating your entire flooring project under a single company streamlines the complex process vastly for homeowners. Rather than coordinating with separate outlets for consultation, materials procurement, tear-out, installation, accessories, maintenance down the road and more – a comprehensive provider will handle the full spectrum for you.

From initial budget and style consultations to final walkthroughs long after installation, Lifetime Flooring aims to be the convenient one-stop-shop easing clients through daunting projects with peace of mind. 

Their comprehensive flooring services include:


  • Free in-home measurements and estimates
  • Budget setting guidance
  • Style recommendations
  • Planning/scheduling coordination
  • Material sourcing and procurement


  • Furniture moving/storage solutions
  • Complete teardown and surface preparation
  • Professional installation per specs
  • Transitions and accessory inclusion
  • Multi-point inspections and quality audits


  • Full cleanup and haul away of debris
  • Installation verification and approvals
  • Warranty protections walkthrough
  • Care and maintenance tutorial


  • Follow-up assistance questions welcomed
  • Post-installation inspections
  • Warranty and repair facilitation if ever needed
  • Reorders/expansion guidance

Very few hassles compare to realizing mid-way into a renovation that your chosen installer won’t handle sourcing of the stone slab tiles you want or doesn’t offer trim molding in matching colors and materials to unify the aesthetics. The beauty of consolidated services means no gaps, no finger pointing between parties, and no oversights marrying the finished results.

5. Require Transparent Pricing

Once you start requesting proposals from prospective firms, pay attention to how open and clear every bid is regarding what exactly your dollars are funding. No client wants sticker shock mid-project from unexpected add-ons they assumed were included or extra charges beyond verbal ballpark ranges tossed out early on.

Transparent pricing is a cornerstone of an ethical, customer-centric flooring company. Lifetime Flooring sets firm bid amounts in written proposals and believes in openly communicating what factors impact costs such as square footage, materials selected, site pre-work involved, accessories or furniture moving requested. Customized project price summaries break down not just grand totals but also labor rates per team member role, estimated material allowances, installation phases covered, included versus optional add-on offerings and detailed timelines.

By arming clients with clarity surrounding the full scope of work and all associated costs upfront, trust flourishes and surprises dissipate. Questions get welcomed, budget dialogues find solutions (like only doing upper levels this year but earmarking ground floors for next year) and the process feels righteous from start to finish. If a bid feels vague or key details get glossed over verbally without documentation, caution is warranted. Protect your investment and peace of mind by only signing contracts with itemized pricing spelling out exactly what your dollars finance.

6. Choose Local Experts

In a home improvement category like flooring where climate conditions, architectural norms, stylistic tastes, and materials sourcing can vary drastically between regions – there is immense value in using a company based locally right in your metropolitan area. A Jacksonville-rooted flooring specialty firm will intrinsically understand fine-tuned nuances that national chains may overlook or miscalculate.

From familiarity with seasonal humidity levels that impact hardwood expansion and contraction to preferences for coastal gray tones amid beach homes versus Tuscan terra cotta looks fitting downtown lofts – a hyper local team brings built-in skill sets, inventory and vision aligning with your neighborhood’s aesthetics. Additionally, established area relationships with suppliers ensure steady availability of locally beloved or quarried stone and wood species hues that an out-of-state company may struggle replicating consistently or cost-effectively.

There are also pragmatic benefits including faster response times given lack of long commutes, more reasonable minimum service order sizes instead of overextending resources, more flexibility dispatching crews rapidly without eaten travel budgets, accountability forged by community connections, and sustainability advantages like lower emissions. For a major purchase like flooring with so many factors at play, choosing a firm deeply rooted in Jacksonville lends assurance that your project remains a priority guided by insider expertise.

7. Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology

In an age where technology permeates our modern lives – today’s gold standard flooring companies judiciously utilize innovation to enhance offerings without losing human skill’s irreplaceable touch. By harnessing cutting-edge resources impacting precision quoting, sustainable product options, flawless installation techniques and beyond – forward-thinking firms like Lifetime Flooring give clients the best of both worlds.

From 3D flooring visualizers allowing you to preview styles digitally before purchasing to moisture sensor equipment detecting subtle site variations informing constructability or warranties – embracing innovation bolsters outcomes. Other advantages tech provides Lifetime clients include:

  • Seamless online or in-app scheduling and project management
  • Picture or video consultations supplementing in-person meetings
  • RFID tags on materials preventing mismatched ingredients
  • Supply chain optimization ensuring availability and fairness
  • Robotic mechanisms assisting repetitive physical tasks
  • IoT connected products enabling preventative maintenance

Of course, highly skilled human craftsmen helm the aesthetics, creative vision and client relationships driving everything. However the fusion of human artistry and technological capabilities allows flooring companies like Lifetime to deliver unprecedented quality, consistency, access and sustainability. Don’t shy from state-of-the-art industry players – with responsible innovation comes better and smarter flooring enjoyed for generations.

8. Ensure Customer-Centricity

An outstanding flooring company understands that fulfilling customer needs and building lasting relationships must permeate every business activity and team member. When evaluating potential partners, assess how deeply their culture appears rooted in customer-centric values.

From the salesperson patiently guiding style selections to installation crews tidying up not a speck out of place – does communication flow clearly across roles with your priorities top of mind? Does the website emphasize how they can solve your challenges over touting their own prowess? Do managers check in at multiple points to ensure you fully grasp choices being made?

Attention to customer happiness, seamless support, openness and accountability should underpin each interaction. Small touches conveying they aim to surpass hopes rather than merely meet them separate companies who follow fleeting trends from those committed to cultivating lifelong loyal clientele through extraordinary care – much like you’ll find with Lifetime Flooring.

Beyond communicating politely, truly customer-centric companies forge bonds through genuine rapport, transparency about capabilities, willingness to customize offerings outside standard services if you desire and equitable flexibility when issues warrant creative solutions. They stand behind teams steadfastly to empower support. And rather than disappearing once payments clear, customer-devoted firms frequently check back to ensure quality and care consistency while welcoming candid feedback to fuel constant improvement.

When time comes to inspect showrooms or review websites, seek indicators revealing if companies walk the talk prioritizing you. sections with design guidance positioning their offerings around your needs first? President’s letters spotlighting community support over profit goals? Simple contact forms preventing service hurdles? Claims of green, ethical company ideals paired with proof points walking the walk?

Little glimpses behind the scenes lend insights into motivations. Ultimately though, visit offices and pay attention to how they make you feel – respected, appreciated and hopeful based on attitudes, not superficial pledges. outstanding flooring outcomes naturally follow outstanding hospitality.

9. Verify Credentials

Seasoned flooring industry professionals with legitimate expertise hold respected certifications and accreditations affirming their capabilities. Licenses, bonds, product affiliations and trusted associations all offer homeowners ways to verify credibility claims beyond just taking a company’s word on skill level and standards.

Always ask prospective firms about the specific qualifications and credentials carried by their business, executive leaders and installation crews before committing. Some key markings of expertise to seek out include:

Industry Associations:

  • National Wood Flooring Association Member
  • National Tile Contractors Association Member
  • World Floor Covering Association Member

Product Alliances:

  • Stainmaster Preferred Carpet Installer
  • Mohawk Elite Regional Dealer
  • Anderson Hardwood Elite Dealer

Reputation Symbols:

  • Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business
  • Angie’s List Super Service Awards Winner
  • GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Award

Licensure & Bonding:

  • General Contractor License Board Registration
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Flooring Contractor Surety Bonds

Continuing Education:

  • Installer Certification Credentials
  • Ongoing Factory Product Training Completion
  • Sustainability Best Practice Certificates

Ask to see documents proving affiliation or completion for any credentials claimed. Reputable companies like Lifetime will eagerly provide documentation and welcome vetting their teams’ expertise gained from years perfecting the trade. While no homeowner can expect encyclopedic mastery of everything flooring related – you deserve confidence that those guiding expensive, lasting floor makeovers carry respected designations demonstrating their capability to deliver on promises. Credentials separate serious players from fly-by-night ventures.

10. Set Clear Time Expectations

Surprises regarding project timelines or unclear schedules can quickly escalate customer frustration. But quality flooring work done right rarely follows some simplistic per square foot metric. The prep work complexity, materials shipping and acclimation windows, accessories sourcing, linear footage, crew sizes and other factors differ site to site even in neighboring homes using the same flooring products.

Reliable flooring companies recognize the importance of setting reasonable client expectations upfront around estimated project durations while also protecting themselves should unexpected issues arise with force majeure clauses covering uncontrollable delays. Highly experienced firms like Lifetime Flooring pride themselves on running stringent operations enabling consistent delivery against outlined timelines for all but the most unpredictable scenarios. Their efficiency emerges from years of process refinement – not cutting corners ever jeopardizing quality installations.

Some best practices for establishing clear scheduling include:

  • Detail all project phases with expected durations for each
  • Explain timing contingencies like product restock if selections sell out
  • Disclose potential delay risks from backorders, shipping, etc.
  • Accurately set work crew sizes to fulfill target dates
  • Build buffers into estimates for inevitable construction surprises
  • Sign agreements outlining client and company responsibilities
  • Provide timeline check-ins and progress notifications
  • Be transparent immediately about any changes from original plans

By investing thoughtfully at the outset around sequencing and scheduling, seasoned specialists like Lifetime Flooring deliver home transformations precisely when promised almost without fail. Their expertise navigating everything from customized fabricationwaiting periods to accounting for specialty adhesive cure times before installer assignment availability gets factored into comprehensive plans protecting clients from unwelcome surprises. Just be certain less experienced shops explain timing contingency protocols before finalizing agreements.

11. Seek Post-Project Support

A company earnest about cultivating loyal customers for life realizes that support long after installation makes or breaks ultimate satisfaction with new floors as a fixture in homes for years. Savvy homeowners should assess what post-project assistance and maintenance guidance prospective flooring partners offer as a value-add differentiating temporary transactions from enduring relationships.

  • Does the company host complimentary maintenance product tutorial sessions? 
  • Do they provide aftercare frequency recommendation checklists to remember sealing schedules? 
  • Will they save customized care instructions based on exact products purchased in client accounts for easy reference? 
  • Are post-installation inspection walkthrough services available after living on new floors for 60-90 days catching any settlement changes?
  • What about 5 or 10 years later – if shifting foundations cause slight gapping or everyday scratches accumulate – will they happily address questions, provide warranty assistance if applicable or guide DIY quick-fixes over the phone?

Clients gain access to online video tips for preventative care, verified pro cleaners in their zip code for periodic deep treatments and even complimentary maintenance product starter kits to inaugurate best practices immediately. Multiple check-in calls occur over the first year ensuring seamless transitions living on transformed spaces. And longtime customers continually get priority assistance with troubleshooting, repairs, expansions or replacing worn sections years later if ever necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, elite flooring craftsmen take pride in durability such that surfaces installed properly endure beautifully for decades with basic care only. So by finding partners earnest about preventing issues proactively through conscientious aftercare guidance, costly problems get circumvented in the first place. Evaluate not just installation skill but commitment to sharing maintenance insights determining if companies treat their role as one-time project facilitators or ongoing ambassadors helping floors improve homes longterm.

Using these insider tips centered on Lifetime Flooring’s caliber of service, you can tackle your flooring project with utmost confidence for truly spectacular outcomes. Partner with the experts dedicated to the finest artistry and lifelong satisfaction.

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